The Jackrabbit Salads

Candy Beets, grilled broccoli & spring onions, wheat, pearl barley, sumac & herbs

Roasted cauliflower & red onion, sweet potato, dukkah, chickpeas, coriander, lemon & chili

Beet yoghurt, roasted carrots & almonds

Grilled halloumi, pickled chili & herb salad 

The Jackrabbit Fries

Skinny French fries

Courgette fries tempura style

Sweet potato fries 

• All our fries are freshly cut and tossed in Jackrabbit spice

The Jackrabbit Mains

The Big Marconi - barbecued brisket, gruyere cheese, Jackrabbit spice, house pickled onions, tarragon mayo, slow roast tomato ketchup, dill pickles, iceberg lettuce, Firehouse bakery brioche bun. 

Vegetarian option - replace brisket with chargrilled Portobello mushrooms in Jackrabbit spice and tarragon butter

Sweetfire Chicken - spiced fried chicken in a pomegranate, honey and harissa sauce, Dukkah spice, coriander and spring onions with a white cabbage and radish slaw, natural yoghurt dressing 

Grilled Meats

Bavette steak in a pickled green chilli yoghurt marinade

BBQ brisket braised in red chilli yoghurt

Chargrilled chicken thighs in a Persian sumac marinade

Merquez sausages in a sweet tomato suace

Chargrilled Portobello mushrroms in Jackrabbit spice

Grilled Halloumi 

Above served with a choice of:

Grilled Flatbreads with labneh, za'atar, pomegranate onions, picked chilli & coriander salsa, herb yoghurt or beet yoghurt, white cabbage and radish slaw, natural yoghurt dressing, Dukkah


The Jackrabbit salads