Jackrabbit Christmas Hams

Gently simmered in our spiced Christmas liquor until succulent & infused with flavour. Then glazed in honey, brown sugar and Dijon mustard before being studded with cloves. Finally we roast our hams over oakwood and lumpwood charcoal for a truly unique, subtlety smokey Christmas Ham.

For every fifteen hams sold, we will donate one to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

AND if you buy a ham, you’re automatically entered into a draw for an extra ham to give to a friend!

bone ham resaved.jpg

Ham on the Bone

Not only great for a large gathering but the addition of the bone means you can make delicious ham broth, pea and ham soup, and all sorts of other delicious bone based broths once you’re finished,

6kg before cooking 

sliced Ham close up.jpg

Traditional Ham - Large

Ideal for the larger Christmas gathering looking for the more traditional ham you can carve all the way through. This ham will see you right through from Christmas Eve to Stephens Day.

6kg before cooking

ham close up with propos.jpg

Traditional Ham - Standard

For the standard size gathering, this is the ham that will give you the full Jackrabbit flavour at a lower price. A beautiful cut you can carve all the way through from Christmas Eve to Stephen’s Day

4kg before cooking