Jackrabbit is a one stop shop for all types of catering, from large corporate events to private parties and weddings.  Every offering showcases our unique take on food and flavours.

We provide everything needed for all types of events.

We have a large repertoire of dishes to choose from, picked from our acclaimed Parlour Games pop up restaurants. We will work with you to put together a menu to suit your event and delight your guests with something different yet accessible.

For the more causal events, we have our brand new Jackrabbit food truck, fully equipped to provide high volumes of top quality food in almost any type of location. The core of its concept is a play on the fast food classics – all hand made from scratch and featuring a wholesome (and delicious) angle.  Fried chicken in a pomegranate, honey and harissa sauce served with white cabbage and radish slaw; marinated brisket burger with slow roasted tomato ketchup; open grilled flat bread kebabs with natural yoghurt sauces.  

And there are lots of delicious salads, which only make it on to the menu if they are as delicious as they are healthy (or more so!).

Healthy food doesn’t need to mean no indulgence.  Be good AND be a little bit bad we say.  Life is all about balance!

We have both a brand new, bespoke, branded food truck (equipped with a full professional kitchen) and branded gazebos. 

About the chef

“A prodigious talent.”
Katy McGuinness, Sunday Times

Ian Marconi is a chef who learnt his trade working at the prestigious Moro restaurant in London before moving onto a variety of other respected London restaurants.


Since moving back to Dublin, he has set up the award-winning street food company, The Paella Guys, which has been serving up delicious Paella and Moorish meatballs for the last nine years at Dublin's food markets as well as devising bespoke menus for private events. 

In 2012, he launched the successful fine dining pop up restaurant, Parlour Games, which featured elaborate 6/7 course meals.  It ran for two years, receiving acclaim from both the critics and public alike. 

With Jackrabbit, Ian has merged these two successful businesses to create a concept that consistently offers its' customers food that has been prepared with time, care and ingenuity.  Whether you're eating fried chicken from his truck or eating one of his carefully devised 7 course menus, the quality and experience remains the same.